Celebrate the season with 31 Happy Santerrific
Games/Activities for Your iPad

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all the games you get

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Celebrate the Christmas season with 31 ho-ho-happy Santerrific games and activities especially for your iPad
Look at the Advent Calendar and get a count down to Christmas Day.

Play the Ornaments game, Blinky Lights and solve the Jigsaw puzzle. Learn how to draw, solve puzzles and beat games.

Santerrific features an Advent Calendar, Ornaments, Blinky Lights, Popcorn Tic-Tac-Toe, Snowball Fight, Put Santa Together, a Sliding Puzzle, Bear Bop, Elf Pop, Memory Games, Drawing Lessons, Coloring and Paint by Numbers. Solve Word Puzzles and decipher secret codes. Find hidden pictures. Play Candy-Cane Sweeper and more. See them all on the Santerrific website.

31 games that will keep you busy for hours of Christmas fun.